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Video processing in AI style!

Browsing through material to find the right clips is quite obnoxious. How about handing this job over to artificial intelligence?

Watch how we used Media Pocket’s AI video analysis tool with the new Bond trailer!

The use of videos has increased drastically across multiple platforms for different purposes. Whether it’s video production, marketing, education, or other, video is one of the most popular formats to take advantage of. And for a good reason! 

Your goal is to make the most out of your video content without losing your mind during this process. We’re here to help you with our video analysis tool, which breaks down your video into timestamps according to the content! 

Video analysis by AI 

Artificial intelligence is awesome, and we’ve had the joy of witnessing some exceptional things it has enabled to be created. Luckily, the opportunities of AI can nowadays apply to video management as well. Media Pocket’s video analysis tool helps you find the right clips by time-stamping your video based on the identified content. This includes visuals, audio, and speech in multiple languages, even Finnish. The speech recognized by AI is automatically available as subtitles as well.

AI makes manual work easy for anyone to handle!

Let’s say you have an hour’s worth of footage. Now in order for you to find that great clip to share or send to the edit, you need to browse through the material manually to find it. But what if you could just get a time-stamped catalog of the content, such as topics of conversation, a car entering the scene, or the beginning of a violin playing in the background? SO much less stressful!

The video AI analysis feature is available for all Media Pocket accounts, in addition to our image recognition for photos. The analysis process takes from seconds to minutes, depending on the length of the video. AI analysis reduces manual work by automatically time-stamping identified content. Media Pocket utilizes Valossa’s video recognition technology.

Watch the feature video of our video AI analysis tool, and try it out for yourself by starting a free 14-day trial here. Notice that the video AI tool is billed separately as an additional service with a cumulative cost of only 0,25€ per minute processed.

Found the right clip with AI? Separate it from the rest as a unique video!

Video example: choosing a AI stamped scene with “shooting” in it, and creating a clip of that scene

Now that you have easily detected the perfect clip with AI, you can actually make a sub clip right from the same place! Choose the starting and ending point with either dragging or using short commands Control + I (input) and Control + O (output). Give a name for the clip, and boom! 

If the clip is how you want it to be, you can now render it as a separate individual video (automatically the same format as the original video it was cut from). 

So beautifully convenient. Contact us – we’re happy to show you how it works even with your own video!


Miikka Niemi