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Top 10 Features of 2020

We wanted to take the time to not only thank our dev team but also list a few noteworthy features we have accomplished during 2020.

I had to take a pause today and read back our release notes just to take a second to look at all the hard work our devs accomplished during 2020. So much has happened this year and despite all the challenges, they have worked with such tenacity and grit that sometimes I have almost forgotten that we are living in a pandemic. Almost.

I had a look at our completed tasks this year. We have had 13 release updates and a total of 202 completed FE/BE tasks (not including all the subtasks). Naturally some tasks have required more work than others, but still this is a huge accomplishment and I just want to extend all the thanks I can to our amazing dev team. 🙇‍♂️

Here are the Top 10 features of 2020 (so far):

10. Sharing feature

We have steadily brought more sharing destinations to Media Pocket and the current list includes: Youtube, Vimeo, S3, FTP, SCP and Aspera. In the future our public API will enable custom integrations as well.

9. Video subclips

The need to download and manually clip a longer video is drastically reduced with Media Pocket’s ability to create subclips from any support video asset.

8. One-click-share

Connected to the subclip feature, the ability select an in/out point, create a clip and share it is literally as easy as 1-2-3. With just a few clicks, our automation creates the clip, renders it and sends it to the desired location.

7. Antivirus scan for all assets

Not something you think everyday, but even if YOUR files are clean, what about someone else’s? Media Pocket scans all the files in your environment, so you can feel safe about not contaminating your valuable assets.

6. Upload while working

The background upload feature enables you to work within Media Pocket while navigating between projects, assets and menus. No need to open another tab.

5. Bulk actions

For some, this is a standard feature, but the ability to do mass approvals, edit tags, or simply download an entire project’s contents is all but standard and this was something we wanted to bring for those rare occasions you need to perform such a task. Just open a “list view” under any project, select any number of assets and you shall find all the above features.

4. Project level tag summary

When your project has hundreds or even thousands of assets, what better place to have a quick overview on most common tags identified by our AI? Click one and you will naturally get a filtered list.

3. Live stream capture

Media Pocket enables users to save any RTSP stream directly as an asset. As we develop this feature, we shall notify about further advancements such as clipping and live clip navigation.

2. Real-time collaboration engine

Media Pocket’s real-time Event Engine, as we call it, enables all users to collaborate in real-time (much like in GSuite) without the need to refresh pages.

1. Image & video recognition AI

Our image and video artificial intelligence recognition is amongst the most advanced, market leading AI technologies in the media context. What’s next, deepfakes?

All-in-all a great year, with another quarter to go. Does it stop here? Of course not! You can hold your breath for our upcoming API documentation and all the stuff our Event Engine will make possible.

Think custom workflows, triggered actions, etc. We are aiming to compete with the big players, so stay tuned!


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Patrik Björkenheim