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The significance of visual content in digital marketing

High-quality marketing videos and photos are booming. The question is: does visual content really make such a big difference in digital marketing? Answer: YES!

Does visual content really make that big of a difference in marketing – or is it just pleasing to produce?

Yes, it does make a tremendous difference. Here’s why! 

In digital marketing, content is the king. To create conversion for your company, the primary focus is to draw people’s attention. But the consumers have so much they can get to, which makes it harder to stand out. In fact, most people are just addicted to scrolling because of the dopamine loop they’ve gotten themselves into, so it’s mostly not even productive or focused use of time. So how can you get them to stop and listen?

Visual content, especially videos, has been skyrocketing in popularity. But it’s for a good reason; they are a way more effective way to reach the desired outcome compared to other forms of communication. According to The Cisco Annual Internet Report, which analyses and forecasts the transformation of digital consuming, videos will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic worldwide by 2021. 

Why are visuals so effective?

On top of our personal preferences, there’s actually a lot of scientific evidence supporting visual content. 

Photo courtesy of Walter Lim via Flickr, Creative Commons

As you can see in the attached infographic, our brain works significantly more efficient with visual stimulus compared to other alternatives such as plain text. Therefore, visual content is so important to take advantage of, especially when continuously bombarded with tons of information left and right. For all the consumers scrolling through the web, visual content is the most likely form to get the desired message through. 

But with videos, one thing has to be discussed: the costs.

We know that a well-produced video will most probably cost us a lot of time and money. However, these facts we have brought up in this text show that it is an investment worth investing in when designed and executed properly. Visual content really is super important to take advantage of!

Here are some numbers about the advantages of using videos in marketing;

A whopping 90% of customers say that product video helps them make buying decisions, says Forbes, and 64% say that watching a video makes them more likely to buy, according to Animoto. Plus, 97% of marketers say that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service, according to HubSpot. (source) On top of this, even Google states in their research that 55% of consumers use videos for purchase decisions. Impressive, huh?

Managing the content

To maximize the growth and profit offered by this phenomenon, plan a diverse and visual digital marketing strategy. Use different campaigns and content as well as multiple channels for distribution. This is a process that nearly all companies have to take care of to stay in the competition. A well-designed strategy will lead the company’s digital marketing implementation into a whole new level. This is where media management comes into play. All these additional challenges such as finding the right assets, version management, communication within project partners, and shareability are the key factors that Media Tailor focused on as well when designing our own DAM software Media Pocket

In the long term, it’s crucial to optimize the tools and processes in this field. Many are trying to break into this world by creating more and more content without even thinking about how to properly archive and manage a huge load of pictures, videos, and other digital assets. This is where DAM (Digital Asset Management) tools come into play, and it’s amazing to see how they’re being taken to use by forerunner companies. The best thing is that now you can easily become one of them since there are options available for all kinds of organizations regardless of their size. See our customized pricing plans to fit your needs. 

Embrace visual content to boost your business, but remember to take care of your processes around it to make it as efficient as possible. We’re here to help your company tackle the emerging problems of media management as the content traffic increases. 


Miikka Niemi