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It’s been in development for a while and on our roadmap for even longer. Now it’s finally here: Image analysis with AI.

The confidence level of our AI’s suggestion is seen as percentages.

I remember working for a large company back in 2010’s where one of the VP’s held a meeting where he outlined the strategy: “AI will help us become better in our business.”

One person dared to ask: “How will this work?”

The VP scoffed and said “Isn’t it obvious, by helping us becoming more efficient, faster, more precise and by removing manual work.”

The person who asked the question looked to her sides, raised and lowered her shoulders and decided that no further questions were required.

This VP was a good example of the dilemma with problems, challenges and bottlenecks which could benefit from AI. Because – by having a too broad of a strategy; too bold of a goal for AI utilization, you will end up with just more questions before you have any solutions.

We at Media Tailor have done our homework. Nearly 70 % of companies we have interviewed said they struggle with identifying and finding the media files they need, when they need them. When we launched Media Pocket, we had already made sure our interface is fast, smooth and effective. We already have a very good and powerful search function.

Now, we have even more. Our AI will not only identify what it can from your images. It will also index every label which exceeds the 80 % confidence level in your search.

So, for example: if you search for “Robot”:

It will identify the picture above, since it has the label “robot” identified with over 80 % confidence:

This is how we stand behind our statement “Save more time.” Our AI is not obviously 100 % accurate, but if it can be accurate enough, most of the time, then you probably want to meet our 76-percent-person. 🤖

So, don’t wait. Open your trial account today, and try our AI for yourself!


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Patrik Björkenheim