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SLUSH WEEK 4/5 – Day 1

First day of Slush 2019 behind us. If anything, it gave us a nice little extra boost for tomorrow. We’re set.

Just sat down from day one. Well. What can I say? Slush didn’t disappoint. But it did made me think a bit about why I am attending the entire event.

This is what I saw when I entered.

See the pic above? A bit how I felt about day 1. A lot of people trying to make sense about an installation of all-sorts.

Ok. A bit harsh. Maybe. But in all honesty I felt that even knowing what to expect, I felt that Slush is really trying to be everything for everyone. Unless I am missing a point?

Maybe that is the point. Leave your expectations home. Come as you are. Come open-minded, and be ready to change your opinion. Then and maybe only then Slush can deliver.

Oatly’s creative “devops”.

You know what I did last night? I deleted my LinkedIN profile summary and rewrote it. I realised that I wasn’t the same person anymore professionally as the one who wrote it. Which is a good thing! And this comes down to the photo above.

That’s a photo from Oatly above. The oatmilk company. The one with the clever and bold marketing. The speech was from their head of marketing. You want to know his title? “Head of Mind Control”. And their vision? To be “fucking fearless”.

Today wasn’t about tech. For me, today was about understanding something important. You know that feeling when you look through a presentation or listen through a keynote and you say to yourself: “Man, that’s exactly how I feel” or “That’s exactly like the stuff we talked about before.”

But the thing is – Why is there that one guy or gal on stage saying it and everybody’s saying those things to themselves? Dare to say those things aloud. Dare to do them. Because you know what? That’s going to be that little difference between the talkers – and the the doers.

I know that sounds a bit corny. But the good thing is that it’s not a cliché. It’s true. It’s really that’s simple. But it’s one of those hard pills to swallow. And here’s me, just before I sat down with our team and left for the day. Now – I really am ready for tomorrow. Come see us in booth E6.

“I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.”

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Markus Paul