Technology behind Media Pocket

Metadata database

Clustered metadata database that links the metadata and media files together.

User Access Management

Database structure for User Access Management.

Workflow Management

The technology consolidates together all other possible software dependencies.

Online Storages

Clustered File system for media processing such as rendering, media information review, temporary storage for long-term versions, etc.


Software for media transformation, creates for example thumbnail generation, preview version and other desired versions (resolution, file format) of the master file.


Software which reads picture size, codec and sound information. Service for image metadata review: Landscape/portrait information, GPS, date & time, etc.

Secure hot cloud storage

Media files are online for smooth streaming and downloading. Available instantly after upload.


Original assets can be stored and back-upped in our data centers and the proxies for UI can be stored in the cloud for smooth handling and playback. content is. Possible to return lost material within one day (24 hours).

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