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Technology behind Media Pocket

Powerful search engine 

Media Pocket’s modern search features include an intuitive word search and a fast range of filters and sorting options.

Rich metadata 

Software to read embedded metadata from the media file. In addition, Media Pocket has tools to create custom metadata schemas, and a possibility for integrations exchanging metadata.

Image & video recognition AI

Media Pocket includes automatic AI-based analysis for images to boost the search feature by tagging visual cues. Video analysis, an additional feature, identifies e.g. visual concepts and audio transcripts.


Tools for media transformation; generation of thumbnails, preview versions, and other desired versions (resolution, file format) of the uploaded file.

Secure hot storage and backups

All your media files are stored in an online hot cloud for smooth streaming and downloading. Files are available for use instantly after upload, and copies placed in a deep archive for backup.

Workflow management 

Workflows enable a seamless user experience and the possibility to build customized automated solutions with third-party software.

Real-time event handling and logging 

The event engine enables real-time collaboration in UI and the possibility to build customized triggers for the workflows.


The open REST API enables integrations with third-party applications. Reach out to talk more about potential integrations and customized solutions.

Let’s discuss your needs!

Media Pocket uses Wasabi as an agile hot storage solution.

From knowledge base, you can find all the major updates of our constantly developing media management platform. Take a look what our dedicated developers have accomplished.