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Cloud-based Media Management

It’s quite simple, really. You need a place for your media files online. And once you put your files online, you ideally want to find them when you need them.

We could tell you with fancy jargon why Media Pocket is just that. But we’ll save you from this. The truth is (and we’ve researched this) – either:

  • You are probably spending too much time trying to find what you need or
  • You don’t have the tools in place to effectively handle your media files.

These are the two things we are prioritising in the development of Media Pocket.

While Media Pocket is tech-driven, we have put enormous focus on User Experience (UX) in order to make fast implementation possible. Ideally, when our users use Media Pocket “as little as possible” – we have succeeded. We don’t expect your job to be a full-time Media Pocket user. You have other stuff to take care of. We just want to help you get there faster.

If we can also make your media management a bit more fun and effective, we don’t mind that either!

Our Market research reveals that many companies struggle with media files findability challenges, that proper Digital Asset Management tool can resolve. Read the whole summary here.

Why in the cloud? Here are some advantages of cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Cloud DAM makes storage cost-effective. No need for one-time big investment or long commitment when you can pay monthly for the custom features that your company really needs.
  • Cloud DAM maintains organized structure of digital asset archive where they are easy to be found. No chaos of media assets running around.
  • Cloud DAM is scalable for future needs and ready to grow & develop with your business. A group of professional developers got your back.
  • Cloud DAM allows wide-range integrations. Asset movement is easy, wherever they need to be shared.
  • Cloud DAM is a perfect tool to support teams working remotely together. Cloud-based platform enables access from anywhere possible. Only internet connection and a device like smartphone, laptop or tablet needed.
  • Cloud DAM platform is a safe place to store your media assets. Security is Media Tailor’s top priorities.


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