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Benefits for any company

The amount of digital content produced has increased rapidly. Audience spend time on social media consuming videos and pictures more than ever. As we like to say – nowadays every company is a media company. No wonder DAM has become an essential part of one’s IT strategy.

Media Tailor’s DAM software improves your efficiency by keeping all valuable and rich media files accessible in one centralized location. Our software takes care of the routine tasks tied to managing large collections of assets so your team will spend less time hunting for files.

Trying to find desired files is a low-value activity and not the most effective use of time for any professionally trained staff.

The time saved with Media Tailor’s DAM platform can now be used towards high-value activities like creating and deploying key projects to support more likely company growth. You’ll end up with happier and more motivated employees who spend their time developing valuable materials that drive results for your company. Expertise well targeted. This will result directly in cost-savings.

Having a good media asset management eliminates bottlenecks, silos and other roadblocks that slow down projects. It also simplifies the process for distributing and updating creative files across various channels supporting smooth multi-channel communication vision to target each and every potential customer defined.

Ready to be one step forward with digitalization? Great DAM will help your business to gain competitive advantage as marketing and sales productivity – and forward – performance increases.

Still not sure if Media Pocket is the right fit for your company? Here is a ROI calculator to concrete the real returns for your business when using our media management solution:

Is DAM only for creative and advertising teams? 

It is true, that marketing and communications teams manages media files the most when looking at the different company’s departments. But that is only one way of DAM implementation. The whole company can benefit from DAM due it’s wide scalability. API and integration possibilities allows DAM software to expand for whole lot of purposes. Again, our development team consist of creative minded professionals that can make almost any integration work smoothly. Here is an example of one innovative user case: Media Pocket is used to create museum experiences in Finnish Music Hall of Fame. Read more about case here.

Who will benefit most from media management effectiveness?
  • Video producers
  • Photographers
  • Advertising professionals
  • Marketing & Sales teams
  • Marketing facilitators 
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Freelancers
  • Media producers
  • Publishers
  • Web Agency
  • Printers
  • Human Resources
  • Architects

We have developed a media management system that is easy and gratifying for your whole team to use. Maximise the value of each of your media asset and minimize downtimes by ensuring smoothest workflows.

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