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Find our pricing table below to choose the right plan for your media management needs.

Note that all of our plans include a free 14-day trial period to begin with. Discover Media Pocket yourself by activating your trial here

We suggest you to book a consultation meeting with our specialist to help decide whether Media Pocket is the right option for you, and which plan to go for if so. The term “consultation” is basically a cool word to describe us having a chill chat, going through your needs, and showcasing Media Pocket’s functions relevant to you. This way you get a better understanding of how Media Pocket could work for you!

You can book a session with us here.

*All plans include monthly downloads according to the cloud storage size. This means the cumulative size of all downloaded material within a month. For example, if you download a 300MB video from your Media Pocket to your own local device, this action is worth that amount for that month. It is very unlikely that you ever go over these monthly download limits, but it’s a technicality worth acknowledging.


Additional services available to you

Worried about the implementation process? Didn’t find just the right plan? We offer additional services such as;

Consultation and agile software development ~120€ / h 

Take advantage of our expertise in designing the hierarchy and for your own archive (organizing, tagging models etc.), let us know if you need any integrations to your existing systems or ask for added qualities within the service such as branded layout. 

Material transfererence (data migration) and other manual duty: ~60€ / h

If your existing archives are huge and spread out across platforms, centralizing your material is definitely advised, but quite a project on its’ own on some occasions. Media Tailor’s solid experience on media logistics assures you’re in the right hands when it comes to supporting the implementation of your new archive! We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Additional users: 5€ / user / month

The storage capacity is enough, but you’d need more active users in your Media Pocket? You can easily add extra users to your plan. Notice! All plans include an unlimited amount of guest users. Guests are a bit more limited and can be invited only to one project at a time, but often this is more than enough for not as active users that need access only every once in a while.

Additional cloud storage: 10€ / 100 GB / month

Got enough users, but not quite enough storage? Add more capacity easily.

AI video analysis: 0,25€ / minute

In addition to finding your photos easier with Media Pocket’s, you can also take advantage of the AI with video analysis. The AI video analysis processes your video, giving you time stamps for recognized visual objects within the footage, as well as recognized audio qualities such as music and speech. It even helps you create subtitles for your footage with just a couple of clicks!