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Media Tailor’s innovative service platform to create digital museum experiences

Finnish Music Hall of Fame opens in the Mall of Tripla in 2019 and uses Finnish technology to manage all of their digital materials and content.

Media Tailor has developed a service platform (Media Pocket) that helps in creating completely new ways of experiencing music in a museum. Visitors to the Finnish Music Hall of Fame will use applications to enjoy the musical elements – all content will be accessed and published using Media Tailor’s service platform (Media Pocket). The museum’s collaboration with Media Tailor will take museum experiences to the next level as all media and unique archives will be secured in one place.

I’m happy that Finnish Music Hall of Fame found a Finnish company that provides these kind of services. Media Tailor’s service platform allows the management of all of our content to be centralized. Their media library gives museum visitors the ability to access all video, audio and data through our apps.

Mikko Vanni
Chairman of the Board
Finnish Music Hall of Fame

Finnish technology plays a big role in the way a music museum is representing its exhibition. As Finnish high-tech is giving the museum more possibilities in offering new virtual ways of experiencing music, dance and song at the same time music museum is showcasing Finnish technology companies.

This cooperation is a clear example of how digitalization is affecting all kinds of businesses and how we can benefit from it. The need for managing digital assets and media content is present in all organizations.

Markus Paul
Media Tailor Oy

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