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Media Pocket is Yle’s first choice as a DAM solution

Media Pocket – developed and maintained by Media Tailor, will serve Yle as a centralized image management platform for organizations’ massive and constantly growing marketing and communications material archive.

Yleisradio Oy is a national media company owned by the Finnish state. The organization serves Finnish citizens daily with three television channels, six radio channels, Teletext, the Yle Areena streaming service, a mobile application, and internet services on the Yle.fi website.

Yle’s TV channels, Yle TV1, Yle TV2, Yle Teema, and Yle FEM gather the most Finns around television screens – with ca. 30% viewing share of Finland’s all TV channels by company. Also Yle’s streaming service, Yle Areena has steadily thrived its popularity reaching almost one in four Finns on a weekly basis.

As a huge media organization – Yle owns a massive amount of digital assets. Images for marketing and communication purposes with their numerous different versions need an agile, flexible, and most importantly, reliable SaaS-based digital content management solution (DAM) in order for the marketing team to easily manage content and quickly distribute it to the public, across several publishing platforms.

Yle’s digital services are developing at a rapid pace. That’s why we need to meet our requirements with smart and agile media management as well, for which we found Media Pocket to be the most suitable solution.

Jussi Nahkuri
Development Manager and Executive of Photo Team

The decision on the service provider was made through a public tender

In early 2021, Yle requested proposals for a SaaS-based digital content management platform for its marketing and communications materials. Media Tailor took part in Yle’s public tender, offering its intelligent media management platform, Media Pocket, to the core of the solution. The grand news of the selection was received in June 2021.

Media Pocket already covers the basic DAM software features required by Yle. On top of this, Media Tailor is further developing features according to Yle’s requests, such as platforms’ open API, rights management, and status control. The completely additional features include already launched SSO authentication methods and later a cropping tool for images.

A centralized digital asset management solution that streamlines the whole content life cycle

Media Pocket is expected to benefit Yle in the following areas;
  • Enhanced real-time internal & external collaboration with images on a single modern platform → faster approval workflow
  • Working with a modern interface with a great UX is contemporary and boosts the team’s productivity
  • The quality of the published content is improved – all the materials are visible and easily accessible
  • Simplified rights management –  old and yet unlicensed images won’t be accidentally used or published
  • Efficient content distribution to any used publishing platform → accelerated time to market
  • Time spent on retrieving and managing materials is notably reduced → full focus on creativity
  • Lower operating costs with streamlined processes

Starting the co-operation with Yle is a dream come true. We have created a cloud-based media management software that is able to fit the needs of Finland’s largest media house’s communication purposes. With Yle’s trust, we are closer to fulfil our mission to empower media related businesses on the road to success. Media Tailor’s culture and operating methods received top scores, which directly contributed to the selection. That’s why I am so proud – not only the sales and Media Pocket’s development departments – but of our entire team.

Markus Paul
CEO & Partner
Media Tailor

In the current digital media environment, we want a constantly evolving and agile partner in addition to the smart software. This way we are able to respond to the development needs in the best possible way and serve Yle’s customers even better in the future.

Jussi Nahkuri
Development Manager and Executive of Photo Team

Could Media Pocket help be a solution for Your growing digital material archives? Let’s schedule ideation meeting together and figure it out!


Sara Jokelainen