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It’s 2020 so does that mean we’re living in the future?

Happy New Year! The millennium changed 20 years ago. Facebook came out in 2004. YouTube came out in 2005. The first iPhone was released 13 years ago in 2007. “That 70’s Show” first aired in 1998 and was set in 1976, so if we would re-do it, we could call it “That 90’s Show” as it would be set in 1998. The first 20 years sure went by fast.

Video sharing, video calling, TikTok, stories, 5G, it’s all making the rise of video possible.

What changed? Well, the amount of media consumption has definitely increased, as we now have more content, more devices and better connectivity. We have on-demand and more streaming services than most of us can list from memory. Social media has made video sharing possible unlike ever before. 80+ percent of all internet traffic is now video. In 2008, the same figure was about 20 %.

I predict that the rise of “aggregators” or services that simply gather content from various streaming services will increase. Also, why not sell your content directly to the end-user?

What hasn’t changed? The need to manage information, to store files and content, to find what we need & when we need it.

Sure, we have Google. But Google definitely has not solved all issues. Despite all the developments we have been able to do, we still have to produce media, capture it, store it, catalog it, share it and hopefully then also find it later. All whilst multitasking a bunch of things and trying to remember what is the most important thing right now.

We are living in the future – sure – from the perspective of an average 2000-dweller. But we are still faced with the most humane problems. This year is going to be big and challenging for Media Pocket. We launched last year, and this year will be focused on rapid growth.

We have been able to prove that Media Pocket delivers on its promise: It’s fast, easy-to-use, reliable and it helps you save time, everytime you work with media assets. Why not start your trial today?

New features, such as AI-assisted tagging are in development and will be updated here, on our Release Notes page. So, stay tuned, keep in touch and have an awesome start to 2020!


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Patrik Björkenheim