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It’s been about a month now since I started self-isolating due to COVID-19. Media Tailor is utilizing remote working where possible, however we are one of few companies in Finland working in media industry who actually need to maintain physical presence due to our playout and media logistics service production.

I am however not performing those important tasks myself, so I am mainly here:

My desk at home. A 24” and a 4K 34”.

This looks cool and all, but the reality is that there are also a 3yo and a 5yo on top of those 24” and 34” displays; i.e. my sons who are also home. And my wife, and my dog. It’s a challenge.

So yeah, while Finland is a highly functional broadband internet country, there is also the challenge of maintaining a functional family while keeping two active children inside for most of the day. I thought I understood what multitasking meant but until very recently I really have noticed that I had no idea what it meant. Sure – working on a computer with a bunch of things can be considered multitasking, but in the end you are just working on a computer. Be it creative or supportive tasks. However, I don’t actually think you can even do these both at the same time.

So yeah, being a dad, a partner, a chef, a buddy to play with, a kindergarten teacher, a manager, an expert from 8 to 5 – all while keeping it together…I’d consider that multitasking.

And look – I am not trying to gatekeep here. Take it with a pinch of salt, for what it’s worth.

But you know – I have said to a lot of people that with our products, you can be anywhere and still use them. I don’t think I have ever really tried to prove myself wrong as much as I have during this isolation time. The reality is that I am somewhat surprised how well everything works remotely. And of course they work, its not like our tools are installed on my laptop and are only activated when I sit in the office.

Still – this is really the situation where you start to notice that if your company has not chosen the proper tools, then teamwork, information management and other routine work becomes really frustrating. And if you used to double-check everything with your co-working neighbour, or opted to using dialogue instead – working remotely brings its own extra challenges.

But how often do we really get to test our own sales pitches? Frank Sinatra said (about NYC) “if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” Biggie Smalls said “since I made it here I can make it anywhere.”

I would like to go as far as to say that this extraordinary situation of self-isolating on a global scale while keeping things operational has been our NYC.

If we can make it work here, we can make it work anywhere.


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Patrik Björkenheim