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Internet of Things

The modern world is very familiar with digital elements when it comes to consuming products and services. For example: In mobility, housing, dining, entertainment and in retail. Product manufacturers and service providers can take advantage of new technologies that IoT brings in order to provide better and smarter services & products to the customers.

The technologies considered to be part of the fourth industrial revolution (aka Industry 4.0) have similar feature outcomes like automation and connectivity. The connectivity between users, machines and applications is called the Internet of Things (IoT).

Industry 4.0 is an ongoing revolution and is affecting profoundly also within the media industry. Media companies are constantly required to publish as accurate content as possible for their audience in increasingly cost-effective ways.

Using IoT technologies media companies can take advantage in knowing the consuming habits of their audiences. Using available data for building automated content supply chains decrease costs while increasing the accuracy of its content’s popularity. At the same time, they require a complete transformation in organisations.

A new kind of know-how is needed while business models and organisational units need to modify themselves to face the new requirements. New technologies need to be tested and evaluated by new experts or technology partners. This transformation also requires that every stakeholder in the content supply chain commits to the new standards.

What kind of experiences and expectations you have for IoT?

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Patrik Björkenheim