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How Digital Asset Management helps remote work

Although the government of Finland has already started lifting some lockdown restrictions, we are still recommended to continue working remotely if possible. But are we ready to switch back to office mode when the day comes? Optimize remote working tools at latest now.

One thing is for sure – remote work is here to stay no matter what. According to the study of Buffer – Remote work 2020, 98% of around 3500 respondents would like to work remotely, at least some of the time – for the whole rest of their career. 97% states that they could and will suggest remote work to others as well.

Percentages speak for themselves. All the sights show that remote work becomes the new normal in working culture. That’s when businesses need to be equipped with the right digital tools optimized for teams to operate successfully regardless of one’s location. One of those crucial cloud-based tools is Digital Asset Management system, DAM for short.

By using DAM software, companies can properly store, manage, organize and publish all digital assets, such as logos, pictures, videos in one centralized location in the cloud.

When looking at the traffic of digital assets being processed in an organization, the heat is arguably centered to marketing department. That’s why DAM solution is critical especially for the marketing and content creating teams. Though, anyone in the company can benefit from it. Let’s see why.

3 Heavy reasons to use DAM software to support remote teams

1. Access to the company’s digital assets with any device – from anywhere possible

DAMS are usually cloud-based so media files are accessible from anywhere in the world – summer cottage, holiday apartment, countryside if wanted. Scalable for smartphones, laptops, tablets – any imagined Internet-capable device. I know way too many companies that assets are available only through in-house servers with certain office computers. Some employees may enter the company network from home with a remote VPN connection to get the archive access, but it requires special, usually several software solutions. Trust me, it gets really tricky to be set up not to mention the days that there are problems with the slow connection. Use of folders are often restricted and the permission for each section needs to be requested from admins, higher-level managers. What a headache trigger. What a waste of working time.

Regarding our market research, one of the biggest problems of in-house servers and the use of multiple platforms is the findability of assets. Can the company assume that the employee can remember the structure and content of folders? I think not. With a centralized DAM platform, you will have advanced searching functions in place. Smart searches are available for any internal user. And with Media Pocket we are one step further when using Artificial Intelligence features to make searches even more efficient.

2. Seamless collaboration between internal partners

Without flexibility and collaboration ensured, working with a remote team on multiple digital projects or campaigns will get easily slow and frustrating. And yet the employer expectations on agility and set goals stay the same – or even higher than before.

Nowadays, we are dealing with larger files as different video formats have taken over the Internet. Sharing those enormous assets or even asset groups via email just does not work, or if does, loading can take forever and finding a compensatory method takes our precious time way too much. The problem comes up even with great project management tools like Asana – assets are still uploaded as attachments – you can not comment, change data or send your approval straight to the media file.

DAM platform enables teams to work collaboratively on digital assets, from the very start of content creation all the way to streamlined multi-channel publishing. Without barriers.

3. Include third party with few clicks

Often, we need to share projects with external partners as well. Hit a message, wait for the answer and the asset to arrive, download, make changes, send the asset back. Overall process can take days. For example, Media Tailor’s media logistics unit receives media files from all over the world to be distributed for Nelonen Media’s linear TV or Ruutu audience (covering ca 99% of Finns). Cooperation between teams in different time zones could not function effectively without a cloud-based solution. DAM is made to break those pity bottlenecks!

Provide easy and secure access at the right time. Determine different user levels with few clicks to maintain the permission structure – who can edit, comment or share media assets. Or just send a simple link for a quick preview. You can use DAM platform also as a self-service storage for open media content for your partners to browse and use the latest updated logos or company images.

If you are looking for a flexible and user-friendly DAM solution to boost your company’s performance on remote work – we highly recommend Media Pocket.

Still not sure about the real returns for your business deploying Digital Asset Management platform? Check out our ROI calculator or book a meeting with us to consider the following steps together.

In addition, we want to offer you a 2-week free trial to discover Media Pocket’s core functions and advantages as a leading DAM system.


Sara Jokelainen