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Media Pocket ketterään median hallintaan. Guest-ominaisuus tukee turvallista ja tehokasta yrityksen brändin hallintaa.

Guest- feature supporting sufficient and safe brand management

Using a DAM all brand material are aligned and up-to-date for anyone permitted to use, no matter if they are an admin, member, or guest in the company’s Media Pocket environment.

Every company is chasing a state, where all communication happens with one voice according to the brand.

Our DEV-team has achieved huge leaps on product development during the past year. Find our list for the top 10 new features of 2020 of our cloud based media management platform, Media Pocket.

As we mentioned in our earlier blog post, the development of Media Pocket’s UI won’t stop after the strives during the spring and summer of 2020. In fact, it’s the opposite, because our development is always continuous and time after time we bring new useful features to our service for our clients. Let us present to you the most recent addition from our version update, the guest feature, which streamlines and brings flexibility to the company’s handy digital asset management even further.

Expanded managing rights for digital assets

With Media Pocket you can define who gets access to your company’s individual projects (media asset folders). The user hierarchy is divided between the supervisory admin- users, “basic”- level users that we call members, and guest- users as the new addition.

Multi-faceted user rights enable faster and better collaboration with your team members and third parties while working with media content. You can be confident that all the media files are securely accessible in a cloud appropriately for the right people.

In practice, what the guest- feature means for the Media Pocket users, is that they’re able to invite people inside or outside their organization as “guests” to browse, comment, approve and download the material within the company’s owned cloud environment.

And the best thing is- you can invite limitless amounts of guests without additional charges.

Control over the media files dedicated to third parties

The guest- feature allows you to save huge amounts of time with distributing your brand material. You can share needed images and videos safely, correctly and to the right person with offering the guest rights. The real-time commenting and approval in Media Pocket’s user interfaces enables fluent collaboration.

As we all know, sharing files via email is time-consuming to both the sender and the receiver. We often have to request for material, wait for answers and in the end, we leave the received important files either in the email or our computer’s downloads-folder, from which they are very difficult to find after time. The same time wasted is also upon the sender, which first looks for the right material from their computer, uploads it to their email and writes the accompanying letter. The sent version of the material may be the wrong one or simply insufficient due to the rush or miscommunication. And the same vicious cycle begins all over again.

You can create a project folder, where you can find all the company’s owned freely usable material. Therefore your company’s logo-, image-, or else graphic material stays always up to date and accessible with all the third parties you want to.

Example 1. Media collaboration. Reporters can benefit from your company’s up-to-date photos, logos, videos and other related media material to publish in print or digital papers to an article or news about your products or services

Example 2. Planning on a co-marketing reference project with a customer? Create a new project and invite your customers as guests to Media Pocket. Now you can make use of fresh marketing material, approved by both parties.

User rights coordinating for internally targeted media content

A part of the company’s digital property- videos and photos are only meant for specific internal departments and operators. If Media Pocket hasn’t still yet taken to use for the entire organization, the guest- feature really comes in useful.

Example 3. Company X’s marketing team using Media Pocket is often working on ad material, that company X’s HR team rarely need. On the other hand, the HR department may have use for the material supporting the employer brand such as team photos, or pictures related to a open position or company showcase videos. In this case, the marketing team can share the guest- access to a project called “updated recruiting material” to the HR team, which allows them to make use of the relevant material found in the project.

Guest feature also adds value to the companies, who sell separate photo- and video files or complete material archives forwards for commercial use.

Connected and designed brand communication

Every company is chasing a state, where all communication happens with one voice according to the brand. Using a digital asset management platform all the marketing, advertisement and communication material are aligned and up-to-date to the people producing communication inside our outside, no matter if they are an admin, a member, or a guest in the company’s Media Pocket.

What is the guest user allowed to see and do in Media Pocket?

A guest- user can be invited to a single project. The guest is able to download material inside the project for themselves.

Downloading a file needs only one click. The logo is downloadable either as a original png- file or in a jpg/webp- format, according to different size and quality standards.

The guest is also allowed to bring new files into the project and edit them.

You can upload files conveniently in a drag’n’drop- style from several different locations to Media Pocket.
For example, the guest is allowed to create sub-clips from the videos inside the project.

The guest user does not have editing or removing rights to the files uploaded by an admin or a member. You don’t need to worry about guest users seeing material meant for internal use, or doing irreversible damage within the media management platform. A while ago we wrote a blog post about the possibilities and challenges of security in company’s shared data.

A guest can not create new projects such as the other users, but they can enjoy Media Pocket’s convenient user interface with it’s handy one-click features within the project you allow them inside of.

The benefit of a browser- and cloud-based media management platform is that it can be used from whatever location, with any device. Therefore all the invited guest users may also access the material you have shared flexibly where and when they need to. Read more on how digital asset management supports distance work.

How do you add a guest- user to Media Pocket?

An admin-level user can control all the user rights. A member-level user may also hand out limitless amounts of guest-user rights.

A guest user is added to the project in the navigation on the right side, in the “Members”-section.
In the “Members”- section you’ll find all the current members of the project and you can add a new guest by typing in their email address to the field.

After you’ve added the email address, the guest instantly receives a link in their email, and they are already a few clicks away from the shared material!

But of course, situations change. You can allow give access to the guest users for the company’s entire Media Pocket environment anytime by upgrading the guest users to member-level, thanks to the user rights control.

Luo yrityksellesi tai itsellesi ilmainen 14-päivän Media Pocket käyttäjätili kokeillaksesi uutta guest-ominaisuutta. Kokeilu on täysin sitouttamaton eikä korttitietojasi tarvita.

Create a free account for your company or yourself for 14 days to try out the new guest feature. The trial is fully uncommitting, and there’s no need to fill out your payment information when you start your trial.