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Media Pocket – Smart media management platform (MAM)

Media Pocket is an all-in-one platform that allows you to take your media management to the cloud.

With Media Pocket, you’ll be able to secure your material, enhance team collaboration with easy approval process and find your media assets faster from your storage assisted by AI. All in one place.


Secure long-term archiving.

Backup all valuable files in a safe and secure cloud storage.
  • Safe backup for your media files
  • Eliminate the risk of losing your material permanently with physical storage units
  • Organize effectively so even the oldest material is easily accessible if needed.

 Keep your valuable content secure and organized for the long-term

Improved post-production workflow with review & approval process.

Have conversations with your team and perform the review & approval process directly in your storage.
  • Real-time commenting on project and asset-level
  • Easy and effective review & approval process

 Collaborate effectively directly from your storage


improve approval workflow with Media Pocket

Share files fast with Media Pocket

Share material effortlessly.

Invite third parties to collaborate or send downloadable link to media files by email.
  • Either share an individual asset via link or invite collaborators as guests to preview, upload or download material – no need for additional channel

  Share even the biggest files effortlessly without the need for many tools

Quickly transfer media from workstations and production environments.

Media Pocket Loader enables media archiving and recovery between the production environment and the cloud service.
  • Loader recognizes and preserves all project folder structures
  • Even large libraries can be transferred quickly

Effortless transition to hybrid cloud storage model


Media Pocket Loader UX

“All files are safe and fast to access. A centralized platform saves a lot of time for us. Media Pocket enables working remotely with our collaborators and customers.”

Lauri Antonius, CEO & Head of Productions, Kuitu Media

We use several tools that all utilize the same metadata. The use of the API has significantly reduced the amount of manual work by not having to enter metadata separately for each system. The Media Pocket open API allows us to integrate with external data feeds.

Lauri Antonius, CEO & Head of Productions, Kuitu Media

integrate media pocket with open api

Leverage integrations.

Create smooth data exchange between platforms with open API.

  • Automatic metadata enrichment while upload
  • Ready integrations to FTP, Aspera and AWS for smooth content distribution

Media Pocket video AI

Leverage video AI.

Boost asset searchability and decrease manual workload.

  • AI-driven object, text, and audio recognition
  • AI auto-tagging

Subclip videos with media pocket

Subclip videos.

Cut clips from the master file for different purposes.

  • Fast rendering
  • Download, delete or export rendered file with one click

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