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High-performance content lake in the cloud

Media Pocket is an all-in-one media platform that centralizes all your content and related metadata in one content lake. Media Pocket allows you to take your media management and archives easily to the cloud.

Media Pocket is a system-agnostic, API-friendly, scalable, and easy-to-integrate archive platform for all media assets and metadata (master data).

Connect to the content ecosystem

Media Pocket integrates with all other software in your workflow.


Streamline workflows

Enables creating cost savings through automation and accessibility.


Reduce asset searching time

Find your media assets faster from your storage assisted by AI. Keep assets from being lost.


Ensure material safety

Our platform meets high-security standards and enables multi-level user rights.

Enhance team collaboration

Comment on a asset-level and perform an easy approval process straight in the archive.

Scale as your business grows

Media Pocket easily scales up as your business needs develop further.

Boost metadata discoverability

Metadata powers the discoverability of news content; good capture, tagging, and cataloging help news journalism live longer, travel further and make some money along the way.

Read our blog to discover, why metadata is so important in news business:



Yle’s digital services are developing at a rapid pace. That’s why we need to meet our requirements with smart and agile media management as well, for which we found Media Pocket to be the most suitable solution.

Jussi Nahkuri, Development Manager and Executive of Photo Team, Yleisradio Oy

mediapocket_testimonials_nelonen_satu“My team’s experience is that their staff is a group of professionals. I truly appreciate the way they are handling their Helpdesk and Support. Our queries, whether it is technical or other, are being processed with high expertise and hands-on-attitude.”

Satu Ketopelto, Head of Creative Team, Nelonen Media Finland

“In the current digital media environment, we want a constantly evolving and agile partner in addition to the smart software. This way we are able to respond to the development needs in the best possible way and serve Yle’s customers even better in the future.”

Jussi Nahkuri, Development Manager and Executive of Photo Team, Yleisradio

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