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Common challenges in everyday work of marketeers

  • There’s usually no one central location to find up-to-date branded content
  • Teams waste dozens of  hours a week managing assets
  • Teams productivity and creativity suffers from manual processes
  • Collaboration with assets is slow because of multiple used platforms, location-dependent VPN solutions and email-based file requests

Media Pocket market survey results (marketeers)

What’s the conclusion?

Your team needs to share digital files quickly and constantly to tell your brand’s story – but the traditional ways of managing your assets can’t keep up.

That’s why we developed Media Pocket for smooth digital asset management.

Benefits using Media Pocket

Free up time.

Increase productivity.

Collaborate effectively.

Protect brand.

Free up time.

Keep all valuable files accessible in one centralized location.

  • Eliminate time lost looking for and supplying assets
  • Avoid the creation of already existing content
  • Get content and campaigns market-ready faster

 Get more done in less time and focus on high-value activities like creativity.

Increase productivity.

Automate manual workflows.

  • Minimize the need for routine tasks with files
  • Access all files wherever and whenever with any device
  • Work with a modern interface with great UX
  • Improve the utilization rate of assets
  • Integrate with content-related platforms for smooth asset flow

  End up with motivated team that spends time doing what they are good at.

Collaborate effectively.

Work together with assets in real-time on a same platform.

  • Share files with anyone
  • Speed up approval process
  • Improve team coordination & external relations
  • Complete campaigns hassle-free, on time

  Eliminate bottlenecks that slow down collaboration. Be a dynamic partner to work with.

collaborate effectively with Media Pocket

Protect brand.

Be sure all files are safe and accessible for the right people.

  • Manage rights accordingly on a environment or project level
  • Support consistency in brand messaging
  • Ensure that no outdated material will be used 
  • Maintain version backups automatically

  Stay protected from data loss by internal error or cyber attack.

Protect brand with Media Pocket

Yle’s digital services are developing at a rapid pace. That’s why we need to meet our requirements with smart and agile media management as well, for which we found Media Pocket to be the most suitable solution.

Jussi Nahkuri, Development Manager and Executive of Photo Team, Yleisradio Oy

mediapocket_testimonials_nelonen_satu“My team’s experience is that their staff is a group of professionals. I truly appreciate the way they are handling their Helpdesk and Support. Our queries, whether it is technical or other, are being processed with high expertise and hands-on-attitude.”

Satu Ketopelto, Head of Creative Team, Nelonen Media Finland

“In the current digital media environment, we want a constantly evolving and agile partner in addition to the smart software. This way we are able to respond to the development needs in the best possible way and serve Yle’s customers even better in the future.”

Jussi Nahkuri, Development Manager and Executive of Photo Team, Yleisradio

Make AI work for you.

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to boost asset searchability and decrease your manual workload.
  • AI-driven object, text, and audio recognition for videos and images
  • AI auto-tagging

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