Media Pocket release notes


  • Newsletter opt-in integration for all new users
  • Firefox Nordic alphabet bug fix
  • Confirmation prior to performing certain actions in UI
  • AI menu invisibility bug fix for mobile resolution for videos
  • Sample project for all new accounts, showcasing certain features
  • Celebrity facial recognition confidence accuracy fix (still false positives included)
  • Wide PDF preview UI bug fix
  • Tag & category inheritance from project to assets
  • Project level AI tag summary


  • AI analysis for video files (speech-to-text, visual identification & timestamp linking)
  • Login page UI adjustments
  • Project-level tag linking (behind the project info-button)
  • Subclip direct sharing asset name fix
  • Updated terms & conditions
  • Updated date picker for date-specific data fields
  • Speech-to-text *.srt & *.vtt download
  • Automated closed captions
  • Updated notification banner for Media Pocket internal communications


  • Share subclips directly via Share-button without the need to create sub-assets.
  • Aspera export speed limit increased to 300mbps
  • Knowledge Base-link added to Media Pocket (bottom of screen).
  • Youtube export confirmation process increased with Google -> no security warnings.
  • Housekeeping rules increased -> better storage size management.
  • Description field: text and word break optimized.


  • Navigate away during upload: Uploads works now via ”Upload” menu while exiting the upload screen.
  • UI: Video rendering status now more informative.
  • UI: Subclip rendering (order) now shows rendering status.
  • AI: Faces now include celebrity and emotional recognition.
  • Export: SCP (SFTP) and Aspera transfers now supported.
  • UI: Project interface now shows project size (next to filter).


  • FTP export: UI updates, possiblity to name sources in addition to address.
  • UI: Notification to user when an ordered subclip has been rendered.
  • UI: Notification contains asset title for easier identification.
  • UI: Mobile interface optimization (fields, AI menu).
  • UI: Asset download menu updated.
  • UI: Password requirements made more visible.
  • Subclip: Original asset name inherited instead of hash ID.


  • Automatic AI-analysis for image files (min. 50 % confidence for tags).
  • Automatic indexing (included in search) for over 80 % confidence AI-tags.
  • Filtering possible within the comment section.


  • Asset duplication possibility to another project.
  • Possibility to create an asset from a subclip.
  • Comment section now retained at 800px and scrollable.


  • List view: UI tuning, possible to click anywhere and visibility fix
  • Share: Possible to now share any asset via a public link (click ”Share” on any asset).
  • Media Pocket file backup performance upgrade.
  • Share -> Youtube: Asset tags were not included after an update. Fixed.
  • Assets were now visible if window size was too small. Fixed.
  • File upload -> ”Cancel” function now eliminates entire upload process.
  • PDF assets are now dynamic (possible to select text), not only pictures of slides.
  • Custom metadata now shows ”last modified” information.
  • Updated ”Statistics” page graphics.
  • Password requirements made stronger.
  • Project icon is now compiled from assets within the project.
  • Billing issue fixes.


  • Video player short keys: J – reverse — some format unsupported. K – pause L – forward Timecode-specific: I – marker in O – marker out M – add marker (comment) up – move to in marker down – move to out marker
  • Possible to restart approval process.
  • Bulk tagging feature possible in list view.
  • Column reordering possible in list view.


  • List view: sort/show/hide columns
  • Search results: CSV export
  • Updated ToS & Privacy Policy
  • Support-button added
  • Multiple custom field groups per asset
  • Multiple download options for assets

27/11/19 : Version 1.0

  • Subclip delivery in original format
  • Search size filter
  • Youtube export – tags
  • Scalable sidebar