Media PocketMedia Pocket


All assets in one place.

A browser-based cloud hub for your media assets to be safe and ready for sharing.

Ensure an instant access to your images and videos – any time, any where. Modern user interface that is easy to master.


Smart archiving.

A secure cloud-based storage for most common image, video and audio formats.
  • Drag and drop your assets individually or upload in bulk from your computer
  • Upload straight from your GoogleDrive, OneDrive or DropBox
  • Data migration available for larger archives
  • Organize assets as you like with projects and sub projects
  • Control user rights accordingly between projects

Fast searching.

Find the needed assets in a blink of eye with diverse and intelligent search functions.
  • Improve your pace finding the right files using AI-driven object image recognition technology
  • Add your own custom keywords as tags
  • Categorize accordingly
  • Multi-layered filters and sorting to be as accurate as you need to

Effective collaboration.

Centralize workflows by adding your team and third parties to work and communicate within single platform.
  • Control multi-faceted user accesses and invite with ease
  • Comment on either asset or project level, always in real-time
  • Perform the review & approval process effectively in the same platform
  • No more need for email file requests or attachments



Quick sharing.

Invite unlimited guests to collaborate or just simply send a link to view.
  • Invite third parties to collaborate as guests, or share preview via link
  • Share assets with FTP, SCP, Aspera or Azure Blob
  • Download files in many alternative formats (original, preview, proxy, etc.)


The open REST API enables integrations with third-party applications.
  • Take advantage of existing solutions and integrate Media Pocket in various, interoperable ways
  • We use open API within our architecture. Go to API documentation
  • Media Pocket has several ready integrations with various systems and solutions
  • Our own Dev Ops will create customised integrations for your specific needs


More Media Pocket features


Search metadata

Ability to read and search asset’s embedded EXIF and IPTC metadata. Leverage rights management to perform asset-related rules e.g. non-display or deletion.

Transcoding possibilities 

Tools for media transformation; generation of thumbnails, preview versions, and other desired versions (resolution, file format) of the uploaded file.

workflow management - työnkulut

Workflow management

Workflows enable a seamless user experience and the possibility to build customized automated solutions with third-party software.

Fast media transfers

Media Pocket Loader enables archiving and recovery between the production environment and the cloud service.

Metadata schema

In Media Pocket, you can build your own metadata schema according to your needs.


Media Pocket is constantly being developed to better meet the wishes and needs of its customers. In the Release Notes site, you’ll find the product update history for Media Pocket.

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