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Entering company during the outbreak of global pandemic

How does it feel to start a job during the global crisis and manage with new normal – remote work? Read my unordinary but happy story with Media Tailor!

Hope your summer has gone well so far. We are still living exceptional times – the spring 2020 hasn’t been like any other. I started working at Media Tailor during the darkest moments of the outbreak of covid19, just after southern Finland’s easter holidays.

Filled with excitement!

As I knew I am the one chosen for the position, I have to admit that I was facing the feeling of uncertainty because of the prevalent and constantly emerging economic crisis among businesses, even though I was told Media Tailor is doing great despite of the tough circumstances. I had heard cases about many recruiting processes being postponed or even filled positions cancelled because of reduced workload. Guess I am a bit Lucky Luke because media technology industry has not been affected by coronavirus that much.

I was more than happy to start with Media Tailor (keeping in mind the tough employment situation in the market) though coronavirus brought some rocks on the road as the start date approached. Governments tighten restrictions meant that the onboarding had to be organized using only digital platforms. The only physical meeting at the beginning was when the company CEO brought new working devices and items, like coffee and t-shirts for a smooth start straight to my home address. That’s something incredible, huh?

Everything was taken care of well regardless of such a turbulent time. I had the chance to meet and greet my new colleagues virtually on the first day. One-on-one training sessions via Google Meets were fruitful. A big thanks to my supervisor and the rest of the team for an emphatic warm welcome and time organized for meetings.

Team’s travel plans to Lapland and Russia postponed, but in replacement we managed to arrange a successful virtual team day including e-learning, company future sights, Wolt lunch and virtual Pictionary.
Team’s travel plans to Lapland and Russia postponed, but in replacement, we managed to arrange a successful virtual team day including e-learning, company future sights, Wolt lunch and virtual Pictionary.

But still, meeting via digital platforms just ain’t the same than having a friendly face-to-face conversation. I have noticed that keeping up with constant conversation flow is not that easy as in an open office environment. I do fear to talk over or interrupting my teammate, so a lot of valid points have been left unshared. Personally I prefer an office environment where asking, especially at the onboarding phase is made solid when there is someone more experienced sitting nearby. It just makes communication so much easier.

On the other hand – to form & ask questions from yourself and forward – finding a solution was a great way to learn. Even it took bit longer time. Although everything was well arranged by Media Tailor, I think I couldn’t get started without curiosity towards topics and passion to gain knowledge on my own. Yet the learning process continues on its way – day by day.

Getting the most out of remote work

To be honest, as a social human being I enjoy the social interaction as much as I enjoy eating chocolate. After the times of strict isolation procedures, meeting teammates feels extra special. But to minimize the risk of our operating team being infected, many of us prefer to stay at the home office until the 1st of August as recommended.

Favourite working spot at home

It is not only a must. The thing is, remote work allows us to be more productive as we are able to design our own schedule around those hours that feels the most prolific for us. By this sentence, I don’t mean sleeping through regular office hours and work the whole night. But you get the point. For me, early hours are those most productive ones. I could easily tell you a comprehensive list of reasons why is it profitable – not for only companies but also for employees to switch to remote mode for time to time.

These 5 principles have helped me to survive these months of virtual onboarding and remote work:
  1. Be keen and let it show. Have the courage to ask questions (even silly ones) that you can not find a proper answer by yourself.
  2. Remember to take care of yourself. Take a walk before and after working days, keep breaks, eat healthy, SLEEP,  do not stretch your hours if possible in order to maintain a good balance between work and leisure.
  3. Stay in touch with your team & don’t forget to smile! Virtual meet-ups are a glorious way to load your day with needed social interaction. With regular daily catch-ups, you will be on the same page with the company’s updated inner topical issues. Virtual coffee breaks on the afternoon hours gathers the team together to have an open, thoughts provoking and enriching conversations. Be always on time to show appreciation towards your colleagues. Express understanding by nodding & show kindness. And don’t you hide those dimples!
  4. Stay open-minded & strong. Everything doesn’t always go like planned. Still, we have to adapt oneself to new situations to make the most out of it. Remember to see always the positive side of things. Don’t let yourself fade into darkness. Be grateful for what you got.
  5. Give feedback and ask for it. Feedback and self-evaluation are the keys for constant development.

And of course – without right equipment like a proper computer or solid digital platforms everything would not have been that smooth. As a modern technology employer, Media Tailor truly understands this matter and prepared me well with high-tech devices. And Media Pocket has been a one of a kind tool for media management for our remote team to manage the company’s digital assets together in real-time.

Many of us have heard devastating stories of the employment contracts were terminated because of the coronavirus outbreak. I can only imagine those emotion changes between disappointment and anger. As a glass-half-full person, I still believe there is always some positive outcome as well. Many of us have had precious time to focus on hobbies, spend time with loved ones and develop ourselves by reading and studying.

May your summer days be bright and full of energy. Now it is the time to charge our batteries full for exciting fresh challenges of autumn 2020. And for those lovely real-life office face-to-face meetings where we can share our thoughts without a screen in between and discover other’s genuine expressions  – can’t wait!

Our dynamic Media Pocket team is here the whole summer to discuss how your business could benefit from efficient media management. Book a demo and leave your contacts by clicking the button below and we will get in touch asap.


Sara Jokelainen