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Endless opportunities enabled by Media Pocket Open API

Media Pocket API is now set up ready to roll for new exciting integrations for the smoothest data exchange.

API what?

Businesses use multiple software applications for different needs. When launching a new application, we want to be sure that it seamlessly communicates with existing ones. Especially, if it contains valuable digital assets and related metadata that can be utilized across various software platforms. 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API contains a list of operations with defined descriptions. These descriptions allow your company developers to create seamless data flows between Media Pocket and other software applications by adding API keys.

Not-so-techy? You can picture API as a courier whose aim is to enable and deliver data seamlessly fast between two locations.

Smooth media workflows in your own set of software

Let’s go back to basics. Digital Asset Management, shortly DAM is an essential tool for every organization that uses videos and images for various purposes. Why? Let us explain the benefits of a good DAM.. To sum up – DAM simplifies the whole content management process – from storing, managing, and finding – all the way to sharing digital material, easy and effortless.

With smart open API DAM systems like Media Pocket, we can set up a strong connection bridge between DAM and your other content-related systems, such as your CMS, CRM, data warehouse, website, e-commerce or publishing and social media tools. As a result, your digital content is accessible in every system desired.

Organizations can use Media Pocket Open API for:

  • Pushing assets out to other software applications
  • Pulling assets into Media Pocket from other applications
  • 3rd-party developers’ integrations on top of the Media Pocket platform

The same goes for concepts where DAM is established for custom needs such as in Vestia and Fame solutions. Solid data exchange plays a huge part in both. And we couldn’t make these incredible dam-based innovations happen without API.

How can Open API DAM generate revenue for your business?

Automating information management enables you to build a flexible custom content ecosystem where DAM plays the central role. When set up, you will notice how remarkably this ecosystem saves your time.

Here are some concrete use cases where building an integration using Media Pocket’s open API can generate value for your business: 

  • Synchronize the DAM workflow with the e-commerce platform when assets, metadata, and smart generated tags will move automatically
  • Offer an open, up-to-date brand media library to your website with no vendor-login
  • Distribute image and video collections fast to chosen or multiple channels

We use several tools that all utilize the same metadata. The use of the API has significantly reduced the amount of manual work by not having to enter metadata separately for each system. The Media Pocket API has also enabled us to integrate with external data feeds.

Lauri Antonius
CEO, Kuitumedia oy

Go as you grow

Media Pocket is designed so that communication between various platforms can take place now and in the future as your business grows or changes. Endless scalability enables our partners to take advantage of not only existing but also new solutions and integrate Media Pocket in various, interoperable ways.

Requirements for API Integrations & Implementation

For successful API integrations also your existing software needs to have an Open API. To ensure this, you might need to contact your organization’s IT department.

Ready to dive a little deeper and set up API keys yourself? Media Pocket API Documentation is fully listed here.

Schedule a demo and we will tell you how the Media Pocket Open API can benefit your team or the whole organization:


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