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Digital Asset Management as a part of a Lean business model

Lean thinking is all about maximizing efficiency and eliminating waste from our processes. How does Digital Asset Management (DAM) help support a Lean business model?

We all drive towards maximum potential. But how do we build our processes so that everything works as efficiently as possible?  To create this beautiful synergy within our business, we must be fully aware of our processes to tackle all of our weak spots. Digital Asset Management is an extraordinary tool to eliminate waste from our processes (such as time used) by centralizing our media management functions on one platform, supporting the Lean philosophy that many follow.

Go for Lean!

But what exactly does Lean stand for? Here’s a brief introduction for those unfamiliar with the term.

The Lean Enterprise Institute describes lean business philosophy as follows;

“The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.

A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.

To accomplish this, lean thinking changes the focus of management from optimizing separate technologies, assets, and vertical departments to optimizing the flow of products and services through entire value streams that flow horizontally across technologies, assets, and departments to customers”. (source)

The waste mentioned could be the amount of work needed or time used in a task that could be automated or optimized.  This is a philosophy that every company could follow to create maximum efficiency. DAM is a brilliant tool to take advantage of to create Lean processes! 

Using Digital Asset Management as a Lean tool

The core idea behind Digital Asset Management is to centralize functions and processes related to it within the organization and its production chain. DAM fully supports Lean thinking by minimizing all the waste from the processes regarding digital assets.

Media management is a common challenge for businesses these days. The sad thing is that few are yet aware of the existing problems and the solutions available. For example, DAM helps you eliminate waste with the following;

1. Searchability

No more hours wasted on such a low-value task as searching for assets. The smart functions offered by DAM (such as Media Pocket’s AI search and use of tags) help you potentially cut down your hours used in this process by as high as 50%. Now that’s a lot of expenses to take into account. 

2. Communication

Several platforms for communication with multiple parties equals a lot of time wasted waiting for responses. Communicate on the same platform as where you manage the assets for smooth sailing.

3. Distribution

Upload your files straight to your company’s channels by synchronizing DAM with your accounts, and you have once again reduced the number of platforms used in your process! 

4. Connecting metadata 

Attach additional information needed straight to your files for more efficient organizing and management. This also helps with findability!

Media Tailor’s vision is to provide the best solution for the whole media content supply chain. This is exactly what we focused on when creating our media management software Media Pocket. All the features above that support Lean thinking are the key functions with Media Pocket’s user interface design. If you are looking for a flexible and user-friendly DAM solution to make your media management processes Lean – we highly recommend Media Pocket.

We’re offering you a 2-week free trial to discover Media Pocket’s core functions and advantages as a leading DAM system. Contact us to find the perfect solution for your media management needs!


Miikka Niemi