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Cloud-based image and video editing

Did you know that you can easily crop images and cut videos in Media Pocket’s browser interface? For example, you can create a short teaser for social media from a video file with just a couple of clicks. Here’s a brief guide on how to handle the edits directly in Media Pocket.

Video trimming tool

You can easily cut videos by selecting the beginning and end points of the video. After selecting the section to cut, name it and create a subclip.

1. Select the beginning and end of the section to be cut from the video either with the mouse pointer or with key commands:

  • K = play/pause
  • L = step forward 5 sec
  • J = step back 5 sec
  • I = start clip (input)
  • O = end clip (output)
  • Z = undo clip

NOTE: Key commands only work when the player window is inactive. For example, click on the gray background color of Media Pocket’s platform and continue cutting.

2. Name your subclip in the “Title” section and press the “+ Create clip” button

3. All subclips are saved under the original video where you can render, share or delete them. If you want to export a clip outside of Media Pocket, it must be rendered first (the first icon in the turquoise-based menu).

4. After rendering, you can download, share, export, and delete your file. Features appear in the turquoise-based menu.

Image cropping tool

When cropping pictures, the new versions are also saved below the original file, just like video subclips. Create cuts and save or share the best ones directly for your use also via API.

Image editing in a nutshell:

1. Place the mouse over the image and select “Crop” from the top banner of the image

2. In the cropping tool, you can choose a suitable aspect ratio from the upper right corner (16:9, 5:4, 1:1 or 4:3). You can use the slider at the bottom of the image to zoom in if necessary. You can re-compose the image the way you like by dragging the grid. Finally, save the image from the “Save” button in the lower right corner.

3. In the “All crops” sections located at the bottom of the picture, you can find all saved cropping versions. Each image can have one version per aspect ratio. You can edit or update pictures by reopening them.

4. When you place the mouse pointer over the cropped image version, the icons appear on a turquoise background. You can save, share, export or delete the crop if you want. With the export feature, you can create new image content from the cropped version, while the cropping content remains the same as the original image.

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