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Better decisions based on shared data

More than ever, end users have a willingness to share data and interact. Data and metrics provide valuable insights into customer needs and behaviours. While a vast amount of data is spread around and stored on platforms, we should not forget about the security matters.

How Digital Asset Management helps remote work

Although the government of Finland has already started lifting some lockdown restrictions, we are still recommended to continue working remotely if possible. But do are we ready to switch back to office mode when the day comes? Optimize remote working tools at latest now.

Automation; benefit or challenge

Many companies are under transformation and big change. Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence used with other IoT technologies enhance production processes, efficiency and data management.


Developing AI features is something which excites and causes anxiety at the same time. One can do some much with AI that whether or not it becomes useful is not always obvious. However, I know we have succeeded with this one.


It's been about a month now since I started self-isolating due to COVID-19. Media Tailor is utilizing remote working where possible, however we are one of few companies in Finland working in media industry who actually need to maintain physical presence due to our playout and media logistics service production.

Internet of Things

The modern world is very familiar with digital elements when it comes to consuming products and services. For example: In mobility, housing, dining, entertainment and in retail. Product manufacturers and service providers can take advantage of new technologies that IoT brings in order to provide better and smarter services & products to the customers.


It's been in development for a while and on our roadmap for even longer. Now it's finally here: Image analysis with AI.

Video has the power to tell a story!

Storytelling is a very effective way to influence in the digital world. An interesting story won’t make your audience leave.

It’s 2020 so does that mean we’re living in the future?

Happy New Year! The millennium changed 20 years ago. Facebook came out in 2004. YouTube came out in 2005. The first iPhone was released 13 years ago in 2007. "That 70's Show" first aired in 1998 and was set in 1976, so if we would re-do it, we could call it "That 90's Show" as it would be set in 1998. The first 20 years sure went by fast.


Slush done!

SLUSH WEEK 4/5 – Day 1

First day of Slush 2019 behind us. If anything, it gave us a nice little extra boost for tomorrow. We’re set.

SLUSH WEEK 3/5 – Ready to launch

You know what's funny? I bet everyone has heard the saying: "KISS - Keep it simple, stupid." It even translates to Finnish: "Yksinkertainen on kaunista." Or: Simple is beautiful.

The funny thing? I don't think a lot of people object this statement. But then once we understand it, we often continue: "I got it. Now what's a more clever way of saying that?"

SLUSH WEEK 2/5 – Planning part two

Yesterday we spent a large portion of the day preparing material, agreeing on demo structure, flow and material. We talked about having a simple yet to-the-point elevator pitch on our stand, so that our visitors get a nice and coherent experience. Today is about making sure everything makes sense.

SLUSH WEEK 1/5 – Planning

This week I will write a blog post everyday. SLUSH 2019 is just around the corner and this week is full of side-events, promotional activities and of course two solid days of exhibition activities.


The future does not hold a scenario where we will wake up one day and AI is ever-present. Instead, this will be a gradual process, little-by-little.

IBC 2019 Done and Dealt With!

While new tech and innovation is seen as an opportunity , focusing too much on features will leave most overwhelmed, confused or searching for a clear solution.

User Experience Is More Important Than Anything

Indeed - in 2019 it is so much more important to focus on how we design our products and services to match that overall challenge our customers have.

Remember to switch to private mode!

Using public video services as part of a media production process is an attractive option. It's cheap or even free. The user interface might already be familiar to many and the basic features works well.

Every Company is a Media Company

Production and consumption of digital content, especially video, has increased exponentially. Only in YouTube alone people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views every day.

The Pareto principle works in media asset management as well

The Pareto Principle – or the theory behind the idea that roughly 80 % of effects come from 20 % of causes. What does mean really? It means that in our work, 20 % of all tasks and efforts really cause the majority of results. OR – 20 % of issues cause 80 % of…

I also thought I was being effective.

Many years ago I was once promoted to a position where the working habits and internal teamwork processes were up to me to decide. I was really happy and I wanted the best for my team. When things were going well, I rarely put any focus on improving processes or ways of working because –…

Do you think email is the peak of innovation?

Remember when you sent your first email? Probably a long time ago. Ever since, people have tried to come up with better ways to communicate online. WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, various instant messengers and comment features built inside daily softwares.