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Better decisions based on shared data

More than ever, end users have a willingness to share data and interact. Data and metrics provide valuable insights into customer needs and behaviours. While a vast amount of data is spread around and stored on platforms, we should not forget about the security matters.

Data analyses bring great value to companies to provide an enhanced, personalized customer experience in the field of product and service development. In result – increased value of services and products allow companies to invest more resources in research and development.

In the big picture, knowledge and understanding of business analytics helps organisations to identify key focus points and market change for the future, anticipate possible risk factors and finally –  to make better decisions regarding business strategy. And if there is some comparable shared data available from other operators from the same sector – even better.

Big data and shared information will also create a responsibility to handle critical data safe and secured. Sometimes it can be problematic. As a proof, there is a growing need for costly expert resources in legal issues related to data processing and liability and intellectual property management.

Data protection and management, especially the processing of personal data, is strictly regulated in Europe. Companies need also invest in cybersecurity data capacity and secured connections. 

There is also a more significant risk for reputation issues if some sensitive data leaks outside of the company. We have all read some terrible scenarios of unwanted data spills, that has negatively affected the company and at the worst case – damaged the brand permanently. For many companies, the most fearsome consequence of a data breach is the financial loss incurred.

That is why companies need to be well clear of the ownership of the data and the used storage method. Data can include critical and confidential personal or industrial data, which cannot be leaked to the audience not to mention competitors.

Media Tailor takes security seriously.

Digital assets are one of your company’s most valuable intellectual property (IP). All materials and metadata stored to our smart media management solution Media Pocket are safe – located on a highly secured server farm. Media Pocket provides a secure login for every user (guest accounts supported for projects) so that you can be sure assets are well protected and only made manageable to the appropriate users. Owners can retain complete control of company’s archive when defining different user levels.


Markus Paul