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Automation; benefit or challenge

Many companies are under transformation and big change. Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence used with other IoT technologies enhance production processes, efficiency and data management.

Automation usually reduces the need for manual labor in many parts of any supply chain. The benefits are cost-saving in human resources in performing positions.

What about automating creativity?

Simultaneously companies need to hire more experts and create partnerships with tech companies, to build and maintain sophisticated technology and run new business models. When the organization is living in the digital transformation period, also the leadership is under pressure to enhance and develop to keep organizational performance competitive in accelerating changing markets. Innovative thinking and excellent problem-solving skills are mandatory to achieve competitive advantages.

Usually, the idea is to increase productivity in the supply chain. Sometimes it doesn’t always go perfectly. Do you have examples of automation projects that didn’t end that well? Is your company ready for Industry 4.0?


How has Nelonen Media benefited from automation?

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Markus Paul