Sanoma Media Finland is the leading media house in Finland. Since November 2016 Media Tailor has been operating the media logistics and playout of seven of Nelonen’s linear TV channels and Ruutu VoD/SVoD channels. All processes were considered and data-driven workflows tailored keeping these two major points in mind: Streamlining and Automation.

Media Pocket brings these same values for every company. Now, not everyone needs the most complex media management features and technology. However, we all can appreciate having a fast, easy and secure way to manage our media files.

This is what Media Pocket is all about.


Consuming video and other digital content has increased hugely. Digital content is no longer handled only by advertising companies and media houses. Need for managing and archiving digital media content is present in all organisations – Media Pocket makes innovative technology and state-of-the-art asset management available for all.

Easy-to-use application is ideal for project management and processing in media productions as well as centralizing digital asset management and publishing. Providing the best media flow for the whole content supply chain.


Your dynamic media partners are always happy to talk about a tailored media solution fitting your pocket.