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Save up to 70% time finding, managing and sharing your media files.

Companies are facing challenges to manage constantly growing volume of digital material – pictures, videos, metadata, animations, podcasts and so on. Use of multiple platforms or physical solutions does not serve needs to search, store, manage and share media efficiently enough. 

With centralized, all-in-one DAM software – Media Pocket, time spent on slow searching and sluggish multistage collaboration can be used wisely for more profitable functions. Our media management solution will make your and your team’s daily work with media content much easier despite of the location and device. Media Pocket is a scalable solution for any company that produces or owns media assets.

Find your media files – when you need them.

Archive & Analyze

A secure and agile environment “bank” for your important media files – pictures, videos and other assets. Media Pocket enables you to search, organize, tag and analyze through your media archive with enhanced precision and speed. You will be able to utilize our advanced, even bit magical Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to identify different things within your media assets like persons, objects landscapes and much more. Findability has never been on this level.

Save Time

When all your media assets are in one well secured place, it will be very effective to find, extract and add information. Approximately 30-60 % more efficient through Media Pocket’s advanced searchability and single-platform efficiency. Using one cloud platform for media management, you are not restricted by multiple software or hard drives. We take care of the security and operations for you so that you can focus on the essential.

Version Management

Digital assets are usually published for several external and internal channels. Organizations have various versions of assets for specific needs (original, social media versions, edited version, etc.) Media Pocket’s transcoding (direct digital-to-digital conversion of one encoding to another) will enable you to collaborate with multiple versions of your media assets – each for the right purpose. Simple and easy although transcoding term might sound bit scary.

Collect & Integrate

Media Pocket will enable you to effectively collect media assets under one platform, even from third parties – using our smooth interface. Make Media Pocket part of your existing workflows and tools. With our REST API (Restful application program interface) integration it is made as effortless as possible. We have YouTube, Vimeo and FTP integrations ready. In case you need a custom solution, we can develop it for you.


Media Pocket is a cloud-based platform that allows you to work with your team no matter of the place and device. No more constant file requests and waiting for the reply – include external partners straight to chosen projects by few clicks. Publish assets quickly for different channels, for example company’s social media pages. You can also download assets flexible in chosen format and resolution.

Transparent Pricing

We keep our storage and transfer quotas as high as possible for our partners. And even then, you pay monthly. If you need additional service, upgrade accordingly. We aim to keep Media Pocket as relevant as possible for your price range. Here is a provement – a list of release notes that shows constant software development is our passion. We also keep our prices always visible on our website.


Let us introduce some value adding features of your new Digital Asset Management tool.

Wide format support

From PDF to MXF, from video to audio. Our transcoders can read most of current media types. Just drag and drop–and you’re done. Check the full supported format list from here.


Work within the platform with your co-workers, associates, content creators and contractors. Need material? Send a link which connects your peers directly to your project. Approve, comment or reject. Up to you. As a cloud software, Media Pocket is made for seamless remote work between individuals and whole teams even in different time zones.

Social Media integration

…or any integration for that matter. Integrations makes sharing smooth. You are able to publish material directly from your media archive to Youtube or wherever you need it pushed: like company FTP.

Simple & beautiful user interface

User experience is the most important thing for us when designing Media Pocket’s user interface. And we have received a lot of positive feedback of it. Media management is made simple & fun though versatile for professional use.

Scalability & Modularity

As mentioned, we do upgrade Media Pocket accordingly. We can offer more storage, more traffic and more functions and services as you grow. If you need tailor-made solutions, we have a dedicated development team to make that happen.

Professional Support

Ran into issues? No problem, let us fix that for you in a moment. Questions about using Media Pocket? We are here to help from 6 am until midnight hours to ensure that you will get the most out of Media Pocket as your media asset management tool. Lost material? No worries, we can return the lost material from our data centers.


Perfect for effective media management and small collaboration. Keep your media assets in one secure place.

35 € /month / user

  • 1-3 users
  • Multi functional digital asset management
  • Version management, archiving and publishing
  • 500GB storage / 500 GB monthly downloads


Perfect for medium size teams executing their digital content vision for multi platform distribution and archiving.

145 € /month / user

  • 4-10 users
  • Project management with external user support
  • AI analysis, image recognition and automatic, indexed labelling
  • 5TB storage & 5TB download / month


Tailored solution with custom integrations for enterprise level digital asset management & media logistics.

Contact us for pricing

  • Enables custom API, workflows and automation
  • Scalable and modular
  • 3rd party integrations
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Storage & users as agreed


Secured DB and storage


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Your dynamic media partners are always happy to talk about a tailored media management solution fitting your pocket. Let’s discuss about the current status of your company’s media management and discover opportunities of advanced DAM together.